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Artist elevates the Dining Experience in Saudi Restaurant - The Moon Shell Makeover!

Building the Vision

It all began on a beautiful evening in Riyadh. I was invited to a peaceful cafe, as an enthusiastic entrepreneur who had a dream of creating a unique dining experience in Saudi Arabia. I envisioned this bohemian-themed vegan cafe could serve as a haven for art lovers and food enthusiasts alike. The meeting with the restaurant owner, who shared my passion for both art and experiences, was the beginning of a stunning makeover experience.

Curating the Collection

At TW, we pride ourselves on our bespoke collections, and the Moon Shell project was a canvas waiting to be painted with the hues of bohemian culture. Over the course of several weeks, I worked tirelessly to curate pieces that not only embodied the rich culture, soul and fashion of Saudi but also complemented the vegan ethos of the cafe. Every piece, from the intricately designed wall hangings to the rustic yet elegant tableware, was selected with meticulous care.

The process was invigorating. I collaborated with artisans from around the globe, ensuring that each creation was unique and authentically placed. From hand painted canvases from Dubai to  a harmonious blend of textures and styles, each painting tells its own story yet contributing to the cohesive theme of Moon Shell.

Elevating the Dining Experience

The goal was clear: to elevate the dining experience at Moon Shell through a seamless fusion of art and cuisine. Every piece of art had to resonate with the cafe’s ambiance and customers, creating an environment where patrons could not only enjoy the best vegan bites but also immerse themselves in a visual feast. The bohemian theme was more than just an aesthetic; it was an invitation to experience a lifestyle that values sustainability, creativity, and the joy of living.

Managing Global Stakeholders

One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of this project was managing multiple global stakeholders. From coordinating with international artists to liaising with local craftsmen, the project required a delicate balance of diplomacy and creativity. Each stakeholder brought their unique perspective and expertise, contributing to a truly global collection.

Designing the Art

As the Creative Director, I invested significant resources in designing bespoke art pieces that would define the essence of Moon Shell. My team and I worked on some iterations, ensuring that each piece was perfect. The art had to be bold yet soothing, intricate yet simple. It was a delicate dance of contrasts that culminated in a collection that was both visually stunning and thematically consistent.

Directing the Video Production

To showcase the new collection and the transformed cafe, I directed an entire video production, bringing models on set to capture the essence of Moon Shell. The video aimed to create momentum for the grand opening, giving potential customers and collectors a glimpse into the magical world we had created. The models, dressed in Saudi Arabian attire, navigated the cafe, highlighting the art pieces and the serene atmosphere. It was a visual narrative that encapsulated the journey from conception to completion.

A Call to Experience Moon Shell

As we approach the release of the video, I invite everyone to visit Moon Shell in Riyadh. It’s more than just a cafe; it’s a first-of-its-kind experience in the Middle East, spurred on by the creative vision of a global female, Nigerian-British entrepreneur. Here, you can enjoy the best vegan dishes while contemplating and purchasing new art straight off the walls. It’s a space where culinary and artistic excellence meet, offering a holistic experience that nourishes both the body and the soul.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal and come witness the bohemian magic of Moon Shell. This is just the beginning of TW’s journey in bringing unparalleled artistic experiences to the Middle East.

By Toyosi, Creative Director at TW

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