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Warwick University
Founder Spotlight

 July 2023

Art Gallery

Now in Store

You can now officially buy TW artwork in store at:  29 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London. My Runway Group is the home of extremely beautiful brands and you can find our exclusive art prints & canvases there.

IMG_1993 2.JPG

TW Solo Exhibition

December 1st, 2022

A private exhibition of TW artwork has been hosted at a Barclays with so many guests in attendance. Drinks, Canapés and Networking provided. 

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Art Gallery

TW at Google, Exhibition

In October 2022, Google requested TW artwork to be exhibited exclusively in the London office, a night of performances were also given. The striking piece is titled: Behold and it has made such an impact!

Modern City

TW at BMG's Showcase

In October 2022, this new art piece titled Red Rhythm was debuted at BMG, the global music label company. The canvas is large and is a limited edition piece, a real jaw dropper in any space. 

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