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The truth is Behind the Camera...

March has been the month of revelation, especially on the topic of relationships:

Let me start by saying the internet should not set your standard for love. Many people find strength in their outward portrayal, but refuse to share the difficulties behind the lens. It's fair to say that you are allowed to keep your private life private. However, this generation has placed large expectations on people who depict perfection. When in truth we are all flawed human beings.

Rather than focusing on illustrating a life of your dreams to the outside world. Be present in consistently maintaining a healthy life behind the lens too. We need to stop craving validation from others. Yes it's good to share the good times but don't feed into it to the point that you become envious or competitive.

Social media can actually be a reflection of our deepest insecurities. Especially when there is a constant need to be validated by what you're "showing off". You feel unfulfilled when the validation is not received. Social media has its benefits but train your mind, don't obsess over what people show you. Remember it's a controlled platform of what you want to present, not what you have to present.

For instance, people are together on Valentines day and can break up a month later. You may have felt insecure on February 14th, with no bae to show off, a heavy 24hours on the gram. But someone else is spending a whole year recovering from heartbreak from February 15th onwards...

In the words of C.S Lewis, Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Love as much as you would on instagram, even when the likes don't matter. Celebrate as you would on your story, even when the re-tweets aren't available. Be present for your own fulfilment, whether you appreciate external validation or not. It's a form of self-care.

Today's affirmation is:

I will allow my season of love to blossom at the perfect pace of my life. I will not compare my life to anyone else but celebrate the blessings I currently have. I walk away from my insecurities. I understand my weaknesses but I work towards becoming the best version of myself. I choose not to entertain the problems of others but rather provide a voice of reason and encouragement when they need it most.
I am part of the love I desire & my love also desires me.

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Social Media Self- Care tips:

  • Take social media breaks

  • Re-evaluate your feed and what you portray

  • Re-evaluate who you follow and how their content makes you feel

  • Journal about your emotions and your deepest insecurities

  • Find an accountability partner and open up about how you want to grow

  • Accept that you are allowed to reset.

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Love TW

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