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Fervent Orison
  • Fervent Orison

    A TW & Abdulrazaq special collab


    After travelling to Nigeria for 1 month the founder; Toyosi was determined to put the spotlight on Nigerian artists like Abdulrazaq. This piece is part of a special new collection.


    This was designed by an incredible Nigerian based artist. Showcase this masterpiece in your home. A statement on every wall, abstract and so gorgeous! Perfect for all luxury decor styles.


    This represents someone who is still holding onto faith, as a believer she prays. Whatever the situation, she believes whatever she has prayed for has been answered. The colours depict that she should be calm, because the answers are coming.


    Sizes: A4 - A2, For Canvas options please email

    Framing: Comes in a black frame or as a poster

    Other frame colour choices only available by special request

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