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Original Artwork

We provide next level artwork and have been endorsed & reviewed by elite Hollywood clientele.


Here you will find Luxury Original Artwork and Paintings by TW, where art has been sourced first hand from expert Artists both in Africa & the Diaspora.

These paintings are available for purchase and for office rentals.


Time to Dance : £20,000

XL  Painting: 3 x 4 Feet, 122 x 92 cm

The essence of Yoruba culture comes to life in a breathtaking dance scene. The painting is immense, stretching across an entire wall, and it radiates with the warmth of a thousand suns. At the heart of the painting, a spirited drum band commands attention. Musicians, adorned in colourful Yoruba attire, beat intricate rhythms on traditional talking drums. A beautiful Yoruba bride stands at the center of the celebration, resplendent in her bridal attire. The painting captures a moment of pure jubilation and cultural richness.

Artist: Precious Oshiole


Rich Culture: £2,000 

Size A2 - Canvas 42x59.4cm (16.5x23.4") - Painting

A Feast of Colours and Culture. In this opulent painting, the vibrant spirit of Accra, Ghana on a bustling market day is brought to life in a magnificent carnival of colours and energy. The canvas is a riot of hues, from the deep, earthy tones of the market stalls to the vivid, eye-catching fabrics worn by the people.

Artist: Felix Allotey


The Unity of Five: £1,500  SOLD

Size A2 - Canvas 42x59.4cm (16.5x23.4") - Painting

As they stand together, their gazes convey unwavering determination and mutual support. It's a scene that radiates with the undeniable power of women working in unison. Their unity is not only a source of strength but also a celebration of diversity, as each woman brings her unique presence and style to the composition.

This black and white masterpiece is not just a painting; it's a symbol of the indomitable spirit of women, an embodiment of resilience and grace.

Artist: Felix Allotey


2 Became 1: £4,200 

Size A1 - Canvas 60x86cm (24x34") - 1 of 1

2 Became 1" is an abstract art piece that captures an intimate and connected moment between a married couple. It celebrates the richness of a long-lasting partnership where two individuals have come together to form a stronger and more beautiful whole, united by love  respect, and purpose.

Artist: Toyosi Olowe


A Blend of Wealth: £3,330

Size A2 - Canvas 42x59.4cm (16.5x23.4") - Painting

This captivating green abstract painting unravels a mesmerizing tale of the wealth that emerges from embracing the ever-changing journey of life. The canvas bursts with a vibrant spectrum of lush green hues, symbolizing growth, renewal, and abundance.

Artist: Toyosi Olowe


Convergence: £3,500 

Size A2 - 42x59.4cm (16.5x23.4") - Painting

This a captivating black and white abstract painting that masterfully captures the enigmatic journey of revelation. The canvas is a symphony of monochromatic tones, with deep, velvety blacks juxtaposed against ethereal, cascading whites. The artist's brushstrokes are bold and expressive, creating a sense of movement and dynamism throughout the composition.

Artist: Toyosi Olowe


Waterside: £9,500

Oil on Canvas 36 x48" - Painting

Waterside is a picturesque masterpiece, a scene in rural Nigeria, made up of thousands of dots. An alluring landscape and the colours truly change the longer you stare at the sun setting. A perfect conversation starter in any beautiful room.

Artist: Yinka Aransiola

TW Painting 3.JPG

Red Rhythm: £3,200

Size A1 - Canvas 60x86cm (24x34") - Limited Edition

Music is a spiritual experience, one that wraps itself around our vocal cords when it's truly enjoyed. Life gets more enjoyable when you are moving at the perfect rhythm. A statement piece in any mansion.

Artist: Felix Allotey

TW Painting 2.JPG

Jolly Good Friends: £5,600

Oil on Canvas 31 x41" - Painting

This painting depicts the innocence in friendship. Sometimes all you need is one true friend by your side to make life brighter. A great reminder to stay close to your true tribe.

Artist: Godwin Adesoye

TW Painting .JPG

United Family: £2,300 

Oil on Canvas 36 x48" - Painting

No matter how far we each go in life, a united family is invaluable. Our patterns may be different but our looks keep us connected. A visual representation of cohesion even in our differences. 

Artist: Michael Adenubi

TW Lux.jpeg

Stronghold: £600

Canvas 36 x48" - Limited Edition, Only 1

Even when you feel like life has become too overwhelming just know the strength of God will never let you fall. An iconic focal point on any wall.

Artist: Toyosi Olowe

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