affirmations, art decor, branding design and life coach. all with you at the centre

affirmations, art decor, branding design and life coach. all with you at the centre

Manifest Masterclass

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The Manifest Masterclass is an online session. Where you gain first hand knowledge and tips from Expert Experience. Toyosi shares detailed, practical steps focused on goal setting and manifesting. Through a vision board technique. 

Also following her own methodology called T.R.A.C.S which you can learn more about in her private tutorials. Exclusive access granted to all those who sign up.

Participant Reviews:

I wanted to take some time to email you post the Masterclass and say a BIG THANK YOU!

I was down last week thinking I missed it and would I have missed out!!


I've never had someone really break down a vision board to make it tangible and not just something you sit and stare at or put up in your room! I was nervous after I booked it because I was like I hope this won't turn out to be one of these 'stare at it and tell the universe you want it' and be completely outside of my values as a believer, but you beautifully married the Word of God with tangible tools! I literally cannot shout your praises enough for this workshop.  


Today I made the most detailed vision board I ever have (trust me i've cut up a lot of magazines in the past) and will be sitting down tonight to write down my tangible steps to partnering with God to watch these things come to pass!


- Azuma Lebene


Session Snippets:

The ToyoWrites manifest masterclass was inspiring. I was particularly impressed with the vast amount of information that was shared in the short amount of time which highlights Toyosi's ability to communicate her points succinctly.


She went through practical steps on how to move from the place of desire to the place of actualising that desire (manifestation), emphasising the importance of vision, imagery and action in the process. In doing so she also touched on some fundamental biblical truths which I absolutely loved! I left the masterclass feeling encouraged, adequately prepped and excited to put everything I had learnt into practice. 

- Sweety Akindele